5000 hours of video recording.
Super fast all in one touch screen pc unit


entrytill entrytill

ENTRYTILL RENT - £195 per Month

5000 hours of video recording.
Super fast all in one touch screen pc unit




Both Entry.till hardware bundles come with:


touch screen band printer cam

An all in one touch screen pc unit

Super fast wrist band printer

2 rightlight low light level cameras

termal printer automatic till special offer

Top of the range thermal printer

Automatic till

Built in Blue2Go



Can I buy the Software only?
Yes for £1099 and you supply and support your own
hardware. buy

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Collects email and mobile details directly or through our iphone app, automatically emails your customers at the end of the night , produces wristbands and vouchers, sends out bluetooth messages and enrolls members biometrically.


Enforces security procedures, stops and prevents theft and abuse. Stops unpaid entry to your venue. Manages cash, credit card and advance ticket sales as well as complimentary and discounted entries.




Produces multiple reports, male/female ratio, spend per head, ROI for marketing campaigns, statistics, z-reads, refund reports, sales per hour, sales per promotion or promoter. Receive a sales summary end of night by sms.


Record both sound and vision from up to 4 HD cameras recording up to 4000 hours on a 500GB HD ensuring your cash is safe and secure. Record every transaction including free and comp entries. Playback instantly all refunds.



Set-up advance events and manage your sales, issue e-tickets. Limit event capacity and take telesales. Coming soon your own online ticket sales on your website linked directly to Entry.till .


Portable 19" Wristband Print Report - Z Read Biometric Video HD Analysis IDScan App
Weighing only 8.3kg the system is easily portable to transfer between premesis
and events.
Print Wristbands for VIP, exit passes, smoking control, age verification and acess control. Get Z Read reports and stats sent directlt to your mobile phone. Fingerprint membership module and secure login upgrade. By attaching up to 3 simultaneous HD cameras to Entry.till you can review and watch every transaction with differents points of view. IDScan.mobi - collects emails and text numbers in seconds auto snyc with entry.till or download your data from www.idscan.mobi